MBCP (Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting) is a program developed by Nancy Bardacke, CNM, author of "Mindful Birthing - Training the Mind, Body and Heart for Childbirth and Beyond". Having completed my professional training with Nancy, I am delighted to be teaching this program - the only childbirth and parenting preparation program of its kind in Israel.


Pregnancy is an opportune time to learn mindfulness skills for working with the stress, pain and fear that are a normal part of this profound journey into the unknown - birth and parenting. Pain and anxiety can be very challenging in birth, and learning to use our mind to work with these challenges can substantially change our birth experience. Developing a mindfulness practice helps expectant parents experience this life transition with greater confidence, wisdom and joy. These skills become not only a way of birthing, but a lifelong resource for parenting and living with greater awareness, kindness, connectedness and peace.

MBCP is a formal adaptation of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reducation (MBSR) Program founded in 1979 by Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D. at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. Like MBSR, this 8-week childbirth education program has, at its core, systematic training in mindfulness meditation. In addition to increased confidence and decreased fear around the birthing process, feedback from MBCP course graduates include reports of an increased sense of well-being and an increased ability to manage the challenges of pregnancy, childbirth, parenting and everyday life. Couples report improved relationships, increased intimacy, and more effective communication after taking the MBCP course.


Are you wondering whether mindfulness is for you? The more you recognize yourself in the statements below, the more you will benefit from this unique birthing and parenting course that is fundamentally based on effective and well-researched mindfulness practices. These skills can bring you more peace, health and control over your life.

Are any of these statements familiar to you?

I get tense when I think about the birth.


I worry about little things.

I find it hard to cope with unpleasant thoughts or emotions.

I can’t stop the chatter in my mind.


I worry that something terrible might happen to my loved ones.


I have many anxieties and fears.


I’m worried that I won’t be able to cope with a baby.


I feel like I have no control over my (older) child which makes me feel like a bad parent.


If any of these statements is familiar to you, MBCP is for you!

Increase your confidence for birth and parenting and become calmer, more peaceful and, ultimately, happier and healthier.


I invite you to read my recent Post on the highly-acclaimed Science and Sensibility Blog:  https://www.lamaze.org/Connecting-the-Dots/Post/mindfulness-and-lamaze-is-there-a-connection and a Post on Mindful Birthing and Parenting at:



Comments from a graduate:


Birth: "I learned to stay in the moment, anchor myself in the breath, learned I can cope with pain.., learned how my husband can comfort me".


Parenting: "I feel I've become more aware of being present and compassionate. Loving each moment and being with the less lovable moments without judgment of myself or baby".

Not just for birth......but for parenting, and life (for moms AND dads)!!

Instead of reacting on auto-pilot, by cultivating awareness, we can respond to our children more skillfully and with compassion. After all, our children live in the present moment. Learning to understand their needs can avoid the stress of wondering which parenting book to read and whose advice to heed. Learning to be in the moment can avert many of the 'gloom and doom' thoughts (fears) common to new parents.

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