Comments from graduates of my MBCP course:


"I learned to stay in the moment, anchor myself in the breath, learned I can cope with pain and discomfort, learned more about my husband and how he copes with stress, learned how my husband can comfort me".


"I am stronger than I thought".


(I used what I learned in the MBCP program) "with postpartum pain, discomfort of breastfeeding and not sleeping".


"I'm left mostly with the sense that I have the ability to get back a clarity of living, and even more, I see the possibility to become more of who I truly am, without the layers of Reactions that have stopped being a true, honest or appropriate response a long time ago... I also want to say, that I felt in a place of real calm post course, calmness and gratitude and acceptance that I may not have ever felt....What remains with me is that these practices, these meditations, are not something someone else is giving to me - they are Me, within me and accessible again at every moment".


(Relationship with partner): "I am less inclined to get immediately, intensely frustrated when there is a miscommunication".

"I am able to give more space for my partner emotionally and physically without having to comment or get involved".

"In our relationship... confrontations/tensions have become few and far between because we both have a new awareness and ability to change our attitudes".

"More love through acceptance and less judgment... more patience and sensitivity..".


"The course has helped to provide me with tools and inspiration to be more present and in the moment.... being able to stay in the moment has helped a lot especially at work".


“Less fear, more curiosity and awe towards childbirth and parenting”.


“More comfortable with not-knowing and more accepting of my feelings (whatever they are at the moment).”


“I experience less stress, and am able to acknowledge the stress that does occur without getting quite so swept away”.



(Relationship with partner): “This has been the biggest change. We have avoided falling into our habit of reacting to triggers. I’m more accepting of his way of being, and we’re able to communicate much more truthfully and intimately”.


“There’s a difference between pain (psychological and physical) and my observance or perception of that pain”.


“This has been such a transformative experience for me!”


“Remarkable change in my ability to stay calmer/calm during the ‘contractions of life’, i.e. challenging moments with my kids”.


“Life is full of contractions, and whether I like them or not they’re there, and that being with them as opposed to resisting them works much better! And that in between the contractions, there is much bliss”.


“I feel so blessed to…have found/made the time to make it a reality to take this course! While I came in to the course already feeling like whatever work I had done…. had changed my life, this course, the practice, and your accompaniment, have brought my mindfulness and my own perception of the stress in my life to a TOTALLY different place. My ability to stay in the moment, and let go when I’m not in that other moment, astounds me – I am filled with awe and curiosity”.


“When I decided to join the course with Rachelle, I thought it will be a mindful class related and just specifically to the labour and delivery. Now I do feel more aware that mindfulness is a way of life, and that I can get benefit of different techniques in my whole life not just for pregnancy and labour.”


Q: What was your most significant insight during the program?
A: “Living the moment. Being aware of how much looking to future and past can bring a lot of stress into our lives”.


“I notice stress arising, identify how it is manifesting itself emotionally and physically, and am therefore in a better situation to manage (and hopefully) calm the stress.”



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